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What Clients Are Saying about experiencing treatments...

Hi Katalin,Thank you for taking the time with Erin and I this past Thursday. I was really impressed with the body scan. We are going to try a few of the vitamin's that they suggested. I was also interested in trying to find a good place to go for the foot detox for Erin, you mentioned you knew of a couple of places if you can give me some info on that I would like to set one up for her.
Once again thank you, we really enjoyed our experience with you.

Thank you, RuthAnn and Erin

September 2013

I have received facials in the past from various salons but the facial I received at Aesthetics and Wellness was by far the best quality and overall experience. I did not have to select the type of facial I wanted from a salon menu, I simply relaxed, closed my eyes and Katalin preformed the facial CUSTOMIZED for my face.
To excel the skin clearing process Katalin recommended nutraMetrix supplements. I started taking supplements and have noticed an big overall decrease in the number of breakouts.
Allison July 2013

Very professional, I feel very comfortable, will continue with more treatment over and above the groupon. I would recommend this place to friends and relatives. Thank you....
January 2013

Excellent, caring staff. Very clean and comfortable area. Painless and effective treatment -- I will be back!
March 24, 2012

"I've had aesthetic treatments in the past, they were all painful and results were poor. That's why I had little expectations of (MP)˛ I was glad to discover that treatments are enjoyable and results are impressive. I find myself anxiously waiting for the next one."
Sarah Jones

I am really pleased with the Venus Freeze facial treatments. I tell everyone about Katalin. I can't begin to thank her enough for for helping me turn my life around. I went to Aesthetics & Wellness to improve my appearance and I ended up with so much more. Katalin is probably one of the most caring people I have ever met. She took time and listened to my issues with insomnia, researched the issue and gave me such wonderful advice that now I sleep and I am so happy. Thank you!!

March 21, 2012

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I love my younger looking face and neck. The treatments that I have received have tightened my "turkey neck" and jowls. Additionally, I cannot believe how small my pores have become and the bags under my eyes have almost been eliminated.
I was initially skeptical on whether I should have the treatments or just bite the bullet and invest money in a face lift. (Which by the way I was quoted at $14,000.) I thought well, if I could stave off a few more years before I had to have that done it would be worth a try. I am so glad I choose this option; it has been the best experience."

Kelly E.

"Just a note to thank you and let you know how happy I am with the results of the Venus treatments. My neighbor in Florida think I look thinner and my completion look radiant! I'm very pleased with the results and how relaxing the treatments are. What I love most is the subtle but real difference in the firmness of my face. I look forward to the continuing development of my collagen."
Judy Dibucci

Great results - fantastic service!!

March 24, 2012

Katalina is beyond fabulous! Her holistic approach to beauty and wellness is fantastic

March 24, 2012

"After 4 treatments, I could already see the difference in the appearance of my skin"
Min Suh Lee

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